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The official Chinese language is Mandarin Chinese. In Mainland China, it is called 普通话 Putonghua, meaning common speech. In Taiwan, it is called 國語 simplified:国语 ),meaning the national language.)

You may learn Cantonese and Mandarin Chinese here on our site

You can find 15 Free Mandarin Lessons and Mandarin flash cards and books to learn Mandarin.

Mandarin Chinese for Kids

In the US, the best way to teach the kids to learn Chinese is to send them to Chinese school (weekend Chinese school or after school programs that have Chinese lessons.)

If the after school program can teach your kids to pick up some Chinese everyday instead of only one or two times a week, it would be the best.

If it is not possible for you, you can find some online Chinese lessons for kids like 中文天下 . (Don’t be confused with, which is only a website for adults to learn Chinese.)

Actually, one of the most popular online Chinese learning website is, which is based in Shanghai and offers you great Chinese lessons with mp3 and pdf for Mandarin Chinese learners.

Mandarin Chinese Dictionaries Online

To master Mandarin Chinese, you need to have some good online tools. One of the popular Chinese dictionary is, which gives you 例句 (example sentences ) with Chinese/English translation. is one of best Chinese-English and English-Chinese online dictionary. For example: What does Chinese mean in Chinese?

Mandarin Chinese Pronunciation Dictionary

Our online Mandarin Chinese Pronunciation Dictionary gives you both Cantonese and Mandarin Chinese pronunciation with Jyutping and Pinyin. Try it out.

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