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There are many ways to type Chinese characters. Most of them use Pinyin input for Mandarin speakers. For example, Google Pinyin input, Sogou Pinyin Input and Microsoft Pinyin IME (which comes with Microsoft Windows) are among the most popular ones, but I still prefer Sogou Pinyin Input because they have the most user friendly interface which allow me to switch between traditional Chinese and simplified system easily and its automatic updated phrase choices.

Google is notorious for Cantonese support, especially in its translation services. In Google translate, it does not list Cantonese as a separate language by only offering simplified and traditional Chinese. Cantonese speakers is by far one of the most popular languages around the world, but it seems that Google’s language team has not come to realize that and support it.

However, we have just seen one good sign from Google, their input method team made a step toward to what we need: they publish Google Cantonese Input! They actually call it “Cantonese support for Google input tools”.

Google 廣東話輸入法 (广东话输入法)

Let’s talk about their Cantonese Input and see how much you like it or hate it. You may just add your comments here to heat up the discussion.

I have not personally try it out myself, but sure to add my own comments and share my own experience with you here at the site to support Cantonese for life. Here’s what I want to find out: does it support Jyutping Cantonese input? Yale?

By the way, our website is going to get the new design to make it more user friendly for all Cantonese learners and speakers. We hope that all our users can send us your feedback and suggestion so that we can make it one of the best site to learn Cantonese and Mandarin.

Thank you very much.

Authored by Paul Wong (aka Kaibo Huang, Cantonese Paul or just Paul )

  • W4rb1rd

    Yes, I confirm that “Cantonese support for Google input tools” includes all three romanization methods: Jyutping, Yale and Cantonese pinyin. You can easily switch them from the settings menu. Of course jyutping is the best. You can also use the Cangjie input method (switchable between Standard and Express). Thank you.

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