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Are You Serious About Learning Chinese?

I am glad if your answer is yes because at, we take Chinese learning not seriously but also pleasantly… in a fun way.

Since you are serious about your Chinese learning, we show you efficient ways for you to master Chinese easily.

First of all, from now on, please tell you again and again, “Chinese is easy to learn!” I’m serious and I promise Chinese is easier than Japanese for English speakers. That is from my research and survey of many Chinese and Japanese learners.

Now to go beyond just knowing to say “ni3 hao3” (Hello), please start by learning Chinese characters/words today. Learning Chinese with Pinyin alone Is Not an efficient way to learn Chinese.
Learning Chinese with Pinyin but without knowing any Chinese characters will let you miss the best part of your Chinese learning.

Ready? Let’s begin.

  1. One, two, three in Chinese is much easier than in English.

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Why Learn Chinese?

For many people the answer is obvious. If you are not sure about your real purpose or how to explain your passion for Chinese, you may need to check out this article: How Could Learning the Chinese Language Change Your Life?