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Learning Chinese Mandarin/Cantonese in Hong Kong can be easy and enjoyable.

1) Languages Abroad

Claimed as a leading language school in Hong Kong, specializing in Cantonese and Mandarin learning.

Located in the Wan Chai area of Hong Kong Island, the school is close to the Admiralty and offers a variety of restaurants, movie theaters and shopping centres.

The school has more than 50 Cantonese and Mandarin teachers who bring years of experience and all are native speakers, either born in Hong Kong or Guangdong in the cases of the Cantonese teachers.

Course for all language levels – set dates for beginners – use of course materials – each student will be expected to take a short placement test on the first Monday morning – lessons are usually held starting 9:30am -12:20pm and 2:00pm – 4:50pm – min age 18 – Max. 7 students per class – set course length.

 Short Term Program: (15 lessons per week)
Programs are 2 weeks in length, 2 hours class time + 1 hour lab time daily.

 Crash Program: (30 lessons per week)
Programs are 4 weeks in length, 4 hours class time + 2 hour lab time daily.

 Intensive Program: (15 lessons per week)
Programs are 8 weeks in length, 2 hours class time + 1 hour lab time daily. Note: This course can be upgraded to super-intensive by adding an additional 3 more lessons daily, upgrading to 6 lessons daily

Contact:  worldwide: 001-416-529-2112 (USA)      US/Canada Toll Free:-1800-219-9924
eMail: info at

Host Family: (private room) 2 meals daily. Living with a host family is probably the best and most effective way to become fully immersed into the language and culture of your chosen country.

All families are chosen after a careful selection procedure and are visited regularly by the school to ensure that high living standards are maintained. As many of our host families live in the surrounding neighborhoods, the trip to school, is usually not more than 20 to 35 minutes away.

2)Online Tutor finder:  We have Mandarin and Cantonese tutors in Guangzhou (Canton’s current name) who can offer high quality online teaching at very reasonable price Contact us for details
You can pick up Cantonese basics at and CantonesePod at


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