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From time to time, we gather some good web sites to learn Chinese for you.

Here’s one we added this week:

MasterChinese provides a new interactive method to learn Mandarin Chinese. Our method provides professional Chinese language and culture training through online real-time interactive classes. It is the most effective way to master the Chinese language up to date. Beijing Language and Culture University (BLCU) is the strategic partner of MasterChinese.

2)The Best Chinese Memorization Tools – ChineseBug
ChineseBug is not just another flashcard tool. It has been designed specifically for memorizing Mandarin. As any Chinese language student can tell you, learning Chinese requires a lot of effort. One usually learns Pinyin first, then begins to memorize individual characters, and later continues down the path of growing their vocabulary. Students must also choose whether to learn the simplified or traditional form.

ChineseBug greatly improves the process of memorizing Chinese by keeping track of what you know, breaking down the language into its various components and forms, and providing useful tools for continually expanding your memory.

Sign Up Now For Free! We think you’ll find ChineseBug to be an indispensible tool.

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