postheadericon How to Type Chinese

With our Pinyin IME, you can type Chinese characters easily without installing any software. Only with your browser.

1. First Go to

2. Start typing pinyin without tones.
e.g. If you type “wom”, you will get “1. 我们 women” , then you just press spacebar or 1 to get it into the main text area for your article.
Tip: When you have more than one choices, and #1 is what you want, just press Space Bar.

To type “旅游lvyou”, you input “lvyo” and space bar (you don’t even need to finish the whole pinyin with the ‘u’)
Type “lvshi” and spacebar or 1 to get “律师”.

3. Use PageDown and PageUp to get to the other pages

When we have more than 10 characters with the same sound, you need to go to the next for some characters.
e.g. To type “大佬big brother, boss), you need to type “da” and 1 to get “”, then
type “lao”, then PageDown, and 1 to get “”.

4. When you are done with the typing,  you can either click links at the bottom: Google or Baidu to search for your contents or Send it as your email subject via Gmail.  I’ve used some many email system, but Gmail is still the best even though it is ‘beta’

5. We are still in kind of beta version and keep developing it until it become close to perfect. Your input and feedback are all welcome.

6. In case you need some special characters or marks, you can copy and paste from the following:
》, ※ ♀♂卐卍㊣☆△▽○◇▷◁♤♡♢♧☼☺☏•▲▼●◆■★▶◀♠♥♦♣☀☻☎‥*☉⊙⊕Θ◎❤¤✪の⊿☜☞█▉……
↖↑↗←↔→↙↓↘ №∷◤◥◣◢♩♪♫♬§¶♭♯$Ψ¥∮‖☄☣☭❂☪➹☃☂❦❧✲❈❉✿❀❃❁ღஐ✟۩۞✎✄Ю☠♨๑
Pinyin: āáǎàōóǒòēéěèīíǐìūúǔùǖǘǚǜüńň
壹贰叁肆伍陆柒捌玖拾零佰仟万亿兆吉太拍艾分厘毫微 囍曱甴

These specials characters are done with the help of Sogou Pinyin

( (oo) )

That’s all for now, folks.  Just go to

Chinese Pinyin Input IME Online

to use it.

Video Tutorial On How to Use Chinese Pinyin Input